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Apartment    2+2 (+2)

Dear guest

Dear guest We welcome you to our two bedroom apartment. 86 m2 provided with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, toilet, kitchen, and spacious living room. Rooms are furnished with kings size bed, comfortable bathrooms including Jacuzzi tub. Spacious and comfortable living room will provide you with a vacation to remember. Air conditioned rooms with 102cm smart TVs, free WiFi and LAN internet, 117cm wide smart TV with internet, DVD and much more will make your holiday more entertaining and will keep you connected to your home as well as the world. There are also two sunny terraces 10m2 each and 8m2 balcony from which you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets. Big and wide sofa can turn into a nice and soft bed for two on your request for your guests and friends.

You can also enjoy our barbecue grill which is an ideal way in Dalmatia for preparing delicious fish, meat or vegetarian dishes.                           

Your animal pets are very much welcome!

Note: due to present situation we would like to highlight our location out of neighbors with maximum privacy, close to pine forest ideal for long walks, private heated and UV sterilized pool, private fenced garden and BBQ

Room S

Sun room


This room will be perfect for people who like an early start in the morning. Wide balcony doors are directed to the East and will provide plenty of sunlight from early morning. Sounds of birds and sunrise will be the prettiest way to start the day.




Massage bath for rest and for fun.

Room L

Late morning room


Do you prefer to sleep late? Then this room will fit your needs. The room is situated to the North, it is large and spacious, and has a separate toilet. More reasons to enjoy sleeping long hours.


All you need is there


Fully operational kitchen for all those who likes to do their own meal ;-))

Living room

For rest and for fun

Entertainment for all.  Wide 117cm Smart, WiFi operational, internet TV will be fun for kids and for adults.

Pool and outdoor restroom

Relax place and much more.

BBQ and organic garden

BBQ on daily basics if you wish.

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