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Relax Vacation

Dalmatia is characterised by the highest number of sunny days. On some islands and along the southern coast there are as many as 315 a year! Rest areas and caffe terraces of the stone-paved squares and promenades of the coastal cities and towns, can be enjoyed outdoors even on a sunny December day, while in the summer you can always find some shade! If you go for a short ride to the insides of the country you can experience both snow as well as a relaxing beach walk if you prefer to stay on the coast. It is always ideal time to come visit Croatia, regardless the season. For all of you who enjoy good and traditional meal we can assure you will fall in love with Croatia for all kinds of reasons. Traditional local dishes combined with great wine that can be found in every other home. We recommend the best way to relax your mind. Long walks in nature, picking and getting to know old types of herbs, walks on archaeological sites, rides or water activity will do that for sure and off season yoga courses or spirituality that is practiced with a serene landscape of untouched nature along the backdrop. Boat ride along the coast, around islands, up to river Krka or Prokljan lake will be blissful. Imagine yourself reading your favorite book onboard a boat sailing trough the channel. An experience you will keep in your mind forever. Late September is perfect time to work on fields of grapes and produce wine in one of many traditional wineries same like November on olive fields producing one of the best olive oils in the world. Whatever you wish for, we can surely provide you with!

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