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Private Boat Tours


You are welcome on board our 12m motor boat for day tours per our schedule or by your request. Boat tour is private and can be customized to suit all your needs. Our my "Concha" is old build lady recently upgraded to match best standards for family day trip.


Apartment Rental


If you're looking for perfect place for your vacation look no further. Due to present situation or modern cosy apartment will give you privacy and safety. Remote location on edge of neighborhood with forest, private heated and UV sterilized pool, private BBQ and fenced garden is ideal for kids, families with pets or couples in love.

Boat Skipper Training

chart with navigation tools.jpg

You always wanted to become boat skipper? Our team will lead you towards your goal professional either recreational. From beginning to the moment you get your license we will ensure the highest level of training. Just for the record our participants all this years had 100% score

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